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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    WHAT IS Infinity Coin?

    Infinity Coin is a Bitcoin mining community. We invest in state-of-the-art mining machines to earn daily profits and continually reinvest in expanding our operations.

    What drives us?

    Our Mission: To consistently grow our mining capabilities, making sure our investments benefit both us and our members by increasing our mining machinery.

    How can I become a part of Infinity Coin?

    To join our community, simply invest in Infinity Coin. This not only helps expand our operations but also entitles you to daily lifetime profits that range between 1% and 3%.

    What investment plans do you offer? We provide four tailored plans:

    Starter Plan: Invest $50-$299 for 1% daily returns.

    Silver Plan: Invest $300-$499 for 1.5% daily returns.

    Deluxe Plan: Invest $500-$9999 for 2% daily returns.

    Unlimited Plan: Investments start from $10000 with no upper limit, offering 5% daily returns.

    I’m ready to invest! What steps should I follow? Investing with us is simple:

    Register on our website.

    Verify your registration via email.

    Set up a Bitcoin wallet (Providers like or Coinbase can assist).

    Select your desired investment plan on our site.

    24 hours post-investment, withdraw your profits directly to your Bitcoin wallet.

    How can I reach out for assistance or queries?

    Our dedicated 24-hour customer care is always available. Connect with us via WhatsApp, our website, or email.

Thank you for considering Infinity Coin. We are excited to help you earn daily profits from our extensive Bitcoin mining operations.