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Welcome to Infinity Coin Community!

We are a community of Bitcoin miners, known as Infinity Coin, who invest in Bitcoin mining machines to mine and earn profits daily. Our primary objective is to reinvest in more machines, thereby increasing our daily earnings. We believe in making our money work for us, and to that end, we continually expand our mining capabilities. Our mining centers are located in London, UK, and California, USA. We are actively seeking to establish additional mining locations worldwide and invite investors to join our community. Given the high electricity consumption of Bitcoin mining machines, we continually seek new members to maintain and expand our mining centers for greater profits.


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Infinity CoinLTD



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Officially registered company


Infinity Coin- UK LEGAL REGISTRATION №13699699

The unique development of our company has an official legal registration. You can check this information by clicking on the registration number.

Who is a Member?

A member is an investor who contributes to Infinity Coin, enabling the expansion of our Bitcoin mining operations. Investors can expect daily returns of 1% to 3% for a lifetime. As a member, you'll receive lifetime daily profits. You're interested to become a member, send your full name.


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3 384 989 USD

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1 168 885USD

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